Live your own porn adventure

Fuck Saga is more than just watching a porn video.
You decide EVERYTHING that happens!

The most realistic sex game ever made. Period.

Forget all the other bullshit games out there. This is the real deal!


We are cloud-hosted. It means you can play directly from your browser, without any download.

100% FREE

You don't have to pay to play. Players can buy in-game items to customize their character, but all the game features are totally free!


The game is extra-easy to play so you can focus on watching the action! For hardcore gamers, there are some extra features you can add, which enhance the realism.

Insanely <span class="text-muted">Realistic Action</span>

Insanely Realistic Action

Just sit back, grab your cock and direct the action

As long as you are an adult, you can register

You can play whenever you want

You can play on pretty much any devices

... and this is FREE! You will never have to pay a dime!

Live girl-gamers on <span class="text-muted">webcam</span>

Live girl-gamers on webcam

Some girls are live on webcam while they play. You can watch them masturbate while fucking them in-game.

You can enable the option to watch any players or women only.

Not every ladies have their webcam on. (Around half of them do)

You must respect the privacy of everyone playing or we will disable this option for you

Don't be rude: Remember this is free and girls show themselves for their own pleasure (and yours!)


What people are saying...

Janet M.

Janet M.

aka: Bootyliciousbabe (Registered 2 months ago)

"I was just curious and decided to give it a try. It's been 2 months and I seriously can't stop playing."

Helen C.

Helen C.

aka: BonerCharmer (Registered 2 months ago)

"I love to show myself to strangers. I used to do cam shows but this game is so much better: I can actually see what you would do to me!! "

Mark T.

Mark T.

aka: Studmasta (Registered 1 month ago)

"The graphics look so real. Sometimes, I'm not even sure if this is an animation or reality."

Ellie C.

Ellie C.

aka: SubmissiveSlut (Registered 3 months ago)

"Every single day at 19:00 EST, I'm going to the dungeon. Meet (and fuck!) me up!"